Alberta Outfitters Association

Alberta Outfitters Association

Adventures in the Canadian Rockies

We represent outfitters throughout Alberta


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Association Info - Serving Alberta Outfitters for 84 years!

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President: Kevin Stanton 403-762-5454 email

1st Vice-President: Lorne Hindbo 403-844-6398 email

2nd Vice-President: John Hatala 403-843-3582 email

Executive Director: Tom Vinson 780-865-4777 email

Director & Past President: Dewy Matthews 403-933-2867 email

Director: Neil MacLaine 403-949-3329 email

Director: John Wynder 403-653-2449 email

Director: Larry Chapman 780-712-4200 email

Director: Julie Canning 403-431-0076 email

Secretary/Treasurer: Dawn Turner 403-818-4803 email

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Alberta Outfitters Association

Box 761 Cochrane, Alberta, Canada